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Hi and Welcome to Wedding Toasts! My name is Mike Chilton and I have compiled many of the best wedding Toasts for any and all occasions. Like many of you I have been in the position where I was called upon to give a toast for a friend or family member. It was quite awkward for me and I never even thought of going to the internet to get some help. I just bungled my way through it, said something from the heart and that was it.

Well one day I went to the Wedding of a buddy of mine wherein another friend gave a wedding toast. I was expecting something of the same of what I said, and this guy just blew my doors off and made a short but sweat toast that I have not forgotten to this day! I asked him about it later, on where in the world did he come up with that toast, and he told me he had researched it in some books.  No body forgot his toast or him, and that was about 25 years ago!

On this site as you go on, I will give to you for free the Top 10 tips on giving a toast. Also once you purchase your E-book it will be immediately downloaded to you. There will be no waiting, and all you information is confidential. I do not sell or distribute any of your information, ever. So please relax, read what I have to offer you and purchase your Wedding Toast Book.


Remember the three B's as you raise your glass:

"Begin, be brief, and be seated."

Don't get frustrated...

Once you have purchase your wedding toast book here it will be immediately downloaded to you, No hassles, No waiting, No shipping and handling.

I Have your Wedding Toast

Giving a good, no GREAT wedding toast can be very positive and will leave you feeling very good, the audience happy and satisfied and the bride and groom feeling very complimented and praised. This is an important moment and one that may leave many people with a lifetime lasting impression of you.

It will also let all know that you have done your preparation and this event was important enough for you to go that extra mile.

You will learn:

  • The difference between  a toast and a speech.

  • How to prepare your toast.

  • The order of the.

  • Who toasts.

  • The rehearsal dinner

To PURCHASE your Wedding Toast now

Don't blow it. You could get  lot of mileage out of this if you do it right!

When you purchase this E-Book it will almost immediately be downloaded to your computer and you will be ready to go. I have done all the work for you, so you just find the one that is tailored to you and the ones you will be toasting.

You don't have to be a professional
speaker to give a good speech

Giving a good speech is a matter of research, preparation and delivery. You are doing your research now as you are here now. I can remember one of my best friends who was not known for being witty, delivering a wedding toast to a mutual friend of ours that simply blew me out of my chair. I have never forgotten his toast, He mad a great and lasting impression and really complimented the bride and groom.

I have included that toast here. It has all been done, with a little bit of rehearsal, you will be the highlights of the evening.

Not yet ready? You will be!

Did you Know?

THE TOAST: The term originates from the sixteenth century. At that time a small piece of bread would be placed in a goblet of wine. The goblet would be passed from guest to guest until it reached the person being honored who would drain the goblet and eat the morsel of bread in the bottom. This tradition is practiced at weddings today - usually in the form of one or more champagne "toasts". The best man has the honor of giving the first toast. Usually the bride and groom remain seated for the toasts while all the guests are usually standing to honor them. The couple may then make a few remarks thanking their families, wedding party members, and guests. They may also "toast" each other or share a "toast" together. Often special glass or silver goblets are used by the bride and groom.


Here is some of what is in your book;

  1. Etiquette for toasts and speeches.

  2. preparing your speech.

  3. Suggested order of your speech.

  4. What your should know in preparing your speech or toast.

  5. Who to Toast.

  6. When to Toast.

  7. Rehearsal dinner.

  8. Length of Toast.


Need a toast to:

  • The Groom

  • The Bride

  • To the Bride from the Groom

  • To the Groom from the Bride

  • Best Man

  • Maid of Honor

  • Parents

  • Bridesmaids

  • To the Newlyweds  

Reverent Wedding Toasts

Irish Wedding Toasts

Shakespeare's Sonnet

Cowboy Toasts

Toast From the:

  • Wedding Toasts, from the Bride & Groom

  • Wedding Toasts, from the Best Man

  • Wedding Toasts, from the Parents

  • Wedding Toasts, from the Grandparents

  • Wedding Toasts, from the Maid of Honor

  • Wedding Toasts, from the Brother

  • Wedding Toasts, from the Sister

  • Wedding Toasts, from the Friend

You will also get the

10 Tips for Toasting at Weddings

Toasts Between The Bride & Groom

Plus you will receive the
Top 10 Wedding Toasts!

  • Order of the Wedding Speech
  • The difference between a toast and a speech
  • Preparing your speech
  • The DON'TS
  • Wedding Etiquette for your Toasts & Speech
  • Tips for giving your wedding toasts


    Sample Toast:
    May the most you wish for be the least you get.
    May you both live as long as you want,
    And never want as long as you live.

These Toasts Can..

  • Set the mood for an entire evening,

  • Kick-start some fun at…

  • Bachelor Parties

  • Bachelorette Parties

  • Wedding Receptions

  • Engagement Parties

  • Bridal or Couple’s Showers

  • Wedding Breakfasts

  • Rehearsal Dinners

  • Out-of-Town Guest’s Meals

Wedding Toasts - Subjects  to Avoid

Still not convinced?

As my special bonuses to you!

=> My First BONUS to you  "Wedding Jokes"

  • 101 things not to say on your wedding night…

  • Humorous one liners

=> My Second BONUS to you "Marriage Jokes"

=> My Third Bonus to you "Divorce Jokes"

=> My 4th Bonus to you
      "Maid of Honor Check list!"

=> My 5th Bonus to you
      "Bride Groom Check List!"

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The E book was great! I used a couple of  the ideas combined them with some thoughts of my own to make the best toast I could imagine.  It must have been good one of the guests asked if I would consider doing a toast for his daughters wedding! Thanks for such a great resource.

Regards, Larry

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